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Marketing Power Tools

I Can Install On Your Site


Increase Your Sales !


Search Engine Optimization

Higher Rankings =

More Customers

Any business owner whose customers come from web searches knows the importance of first page ranking for important search terms.

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Search Engine Marketing

Very Profitable -

If Done Correctly

Pay-per-click marketing, most notably Google AdWords, makes it possible to spend only 5 bucks and get new customers in just 10 minutes. PPC is the fastest, cheapest, most targeted marketing available today.

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Email Marketing

Nurture Prospects

Until They're Ready

Most of your prospects don't buy the first time they contact your company. An effective email nurturing campaign will keep your company on top of their minds and make you the vendor of choice when they're ready to buy.

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Google Analytics

Find Out What Marketing

Is Working (and What Isn't)

Internet marketers that operate without analytics on their site are flying completely blind. Google Analytics, by far the most prevalent web metrics system today, can be connected with all Internet marketing efforts. This will instantly provide you with the information you need to adjust your marketing and make more money.

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Landing Page Optimization

Improving Conversion Rates =

More Sales FREE !

Continuous Landing Page Testing Is the Key To Doubling and Tripling Your Sales Conversion Rate. If You Know What To Test and How To Do It, You Can Make a Lot More Money Very Quickly.

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YouTube and Video Marketing

HUGE Source of Cheap Sales -

If Done Right

Every business should be using YouTube and video marketing. YouTube is one of my largest sources of site visitors, and it can easily be one of your best customer sources too.

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Twitter Automation

Can Send You TONS of Business

On Auto Pilot

Twitter is my third largest source of web site traffic and my Twitter accounts run and grow all by themselves entirely on auto-pilot. Your Twitter accounts can do the same for you.

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Viral Tools

Enable Your Message To Spread


Every piece of your marketing material that can be viewed on a computer should have built-in viral tools enabling viewers to instantly forward your material to friends. These viral tools act as one of the most effective distribution systems because your marketing collateral is being passed between friends - and it continues all by itself.

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Content Management Systems

Prospects Who Interact

Come Back - and BUY

Content Management Systems (CMS) enable your web site to do some amazing things. The most important benefit of CMS is the interactivity that is enabled between the site owner and site visitors.  Web site visitors come back to sites that they can interact with.

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Automated Testimonial

Publishing System

Makes It Easy For Customer

To Upload Testimonials

Customer testimonials are some of the most powerful selling tools ever. This system will allow your customers to log right into your site and type in their testimonials for immediate upload to your site. This easy system will guarantee that you get LOTS of great customer testimonials on your site quickly !

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Contact Form with Questions

Prospects Can Contact You

From Your Site

Contact forms allow your prospects and customers to reach you while they're still on your site and in the mood to talk to you. Removing the extra step of making them have to open an email program will ensure that you will receive more inquiries from potential customers.

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User Forum

Great Way To Build Community

Among Customers

If your product is one that requires expertise and has a learning curve, a user forum on your site might be one of the most valuable things you can provide for your customers. A user forum will give skilled customers the opportunity to share their knowledge and solve problems of newer customers.

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Blog Setup and Advice

Good Blogs Build Site Traffic Fast

A blog is an excellent way to position yourself as an expert and build lots of traffic to your site. If you are passionate about a topic in your field and have a lot to say, a blog may be perfect for you and your business.

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Automated Customer


Shows Customers When

You Have Openings

If you schedule appointments with clients, an online calendar showing your schedule will be a great convenience for clients. Your clients will really appreciate knowing when you are available and when you're not without having to call you.

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Equation Predicting

Likelihood of Purchase

If You Have the Data,

I'll Create the Equation

Yes, It is possible to accurately predict whether a new prospect will make a purchase, if you have enough data on previous prospects.

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On-Demand Webinar Marketing

Webinars Are Easy to Make

and They Get Customers!

On-Demand Webinars are very versatile, low cost, highly effective marketing pieces that Every company can profitably use.

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