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YouTube and Video Marketing

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Every business should be using YouTube and video marketing. YouTube is one of my largest source of site visitors, and it can easily be one of your best customer sources too.

What Do I Need To Know About YouTube and Video Marketing?

Videos are incredibly versatile. You'll be surprised at all of the ways a video can be used for marketing.

Here is a link which shows how many ways I use a single video for marketing.

Videos are very inexpensive  to make. Good quality video editing software and sound editing software are not expensive at all. I use Camtasia Studio for video editing. Adobe Premier Elements, which is even cheaper, does a great job as well. Video cameras are also relatively cheap. You don't need a top-of-the-line video camera to make great video. I've been using a Flip for my videos, which is about as cheap as video cameras come. Sound track in video can be easily and professionally edited with Audacity, which is available as a free download.

Video is easy, even fun, to make. Once you've learned how to shoot and edit the video, you can produce more videos very quickly.

In most cases, video is much more effective and convincing than the written word or still images.

Videos can be optimized for search engines. A video site map should be created if videos appear on the web site.

All YouTube marketing videos will draw customers to your site 24/7 and free of charge. It is possible to install a commercial overlay on your YouTube video that the viewer can click on and go to your site. Here is a Link to my YouTube channel. The video that will initially start running when you enter my channel will show the clickable commercial overlay 15 seconds into the video. This is almost free, if you know how to set it up.

Videos can be profitably used in nearly every location in which you interact with a prospect or customer over the Internet.


Here's How I Can Help You Jumpstart Your Video and YouTube Marketing Campaign

I get a lot of business from the videos on my YouTube channel. Good videos are short, easy to make, and can be linked right to your site from YouTube. Here's how I can make videos and YouTube a prime player in your marketing mix:

1) Thorough Analysis of Videos of Competitors and Other Companies In Similar Fields.


2) Analysis of Company Goals and Resources Available for the Video Campaign.


3) Analysis of Who Is the Video Customer, What Is the Message,  Exactly What Do We Want a Viewer To Do After Watching the Video, How Will the Video Achieve This Desired Action, How Does Video Marketing Fit Into the Overall Marketing Mix, How Will the Results Be Measured, and How Else Will the Video Be Exploited Besides YouTube.


4) Planning and Consultation to Achieve a Consistent Overall Theme, Look, and Feel For the Video Campaign. This Is Very Important For Establishing a Brand on YouTube.


5) Creation of a Fully Customized YouTube Channel For Your Company.


6) Creation of a TubeMogul Account to Facilitate Easy Distribution of a Video to Many Video Sites Online.


7) Linking Up the YouTube Channel With the Google AdWords and Google Analytics Accounts.


8) Create Scripts and Storyboards for First 10 Videos.


9) Shoot, Edit, and Produce the First 10 Videos. Upload to YouTube and All Other Designated Sites. Ensure That All Site Links, Commercial Overlays Linking Back To Web Site, and Analytics Tracking Code Has Been Properly Installed In All Videos.


10) Embed in Company's Web Site. Create a Video Sitemap to Submit To Google So That Company Videos Will Be Indexed By Google Video Search.


11) Use All Available Forms of Social Media and Email Marketing to Drive Traffic to Videos.