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Every piece of your marketing material that can be viewed on a computer should have built-in viral tools enabling viewers to instantly forward your material to friends. These viral tools act as one of the most effective distribution systems because your marketing collateral is being passed between friends - and it continues all by itself.


What Are Viral Tools and What Can They Be Installed On ?

Typically, viral tools are built-in buttons that, when clicked, forward a link to the document to whatever email address is specified. The person wanting to pass a piece of your marketing material to a friend would click a button built into your marketing piece and type in an email address. The viral tool would forward a link to the marketing piece to the specified email address of the friend.

Viral tools can and should be built into any piece of marketing collateral that your prospects might see. This would include each page of your web site, your blog, and .pdf and Word documents that you send out over the Internet. In a nutshell, any marketing document that can be viewed on a computer should have viral tools built-in.

I prefer to create viral tools using the php mailer function and not the HTML mailto: function. The HTML function will only work if the computer has a functioning email client such as Outlook. Anyone who uses Internet-based email such as gmail could not use the HTML mailto: function.

Google Analytics tracking code should be added to the viral tool's destination URL so that the spread of each piece of marketing collateral can be observed in Google Analytics.

Here is a link to 3 different examples of viral tools
embedded in pieces of marketing material. Try them out. Two of the viral tools use the php mailer functions and one piece uses the Drupal "Spread" module to forward the link.

It you download The Definitive Guide to SEO from the upper right corner of this web page, you will see viral forwarding tools on every page. Here is a link to one of my sites that has a viral forwarding button on almost every web page.

My blog has a viral forwarding link at the bottom of each blog article.


Here's All You Have To Do To Enable Me To Install Functioning Viral Forwarding Buttons In Any of Your Marketing Materials, Web Site Pages, or Blog Articles

If you have a functioning Google Analytics account, I can easily append tracking code to the end of the viral button's destination URL so that you can track the spread of marketing piece. If you don't currently have Google Analytics, I can perform a complete installation of Google Analytics for you as well. This tracking data can be configured to show if a purchase is made by the recipient of a forwarded marketing piece.

1) All You Have To Do Is Show Me Where You Would Like The Viral Forwarding Button To Be Placed and Let Me Know How You Would Like The Button To Look.


2) I Will Show You How To Read The Google Analytics Data So That You.Can Follow The Spread Of Your Marketing Pieces.