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If your product is one that requires expertise and has a learning curve, a user forum on your site might be one of the most valuable things you can provide for your customers. A user forum will give skilled customers the opportunity to share their knowledge and solve problems of newer customers.


What Can a User Forum Do For Me?

A user forum can be a GREAT addition to your customer service efforts. If your product is not a simple one to use and has a learning curve, you should consider creating a user forum.

People love to share their expertise  and the user forum provides your long-time, skilled customers with the opportunity to help your more recent customers.

All parties will win. Your long-time customers will feel more appreciated, your newer customers will be glad that they were able to solve their issue easily, and a customer's problem was solved in a timely manner without your company having to expend effort.

One of the advantages that a user forum has over a Frequently-Asked-Questions section is that the answer will be formulated directly to the user's question. It is simply one user talking to another user in a common  language.

Another big advantage is that many issues and questions will appear in the forum that you may never have thought of. If your product is complicated and has a learning curve, there are probably a number aspects of its operation that might be confusing and are not covered in your instructions and literature in a way that every customer understands, The forum is the perfect solution for this.

There is no reason to build a forum from scratch because there are many effective forum solutions available as free plug-in Drupal or Joomla modules. Here are examples of each:

Here is a Link to a forum built in Drupal.

Here is a Link to a forum in Joomla. This forum type used to be the well-known and widely-used Fireboard Forum. It is now called the Kunena forum.

The above 2 forums on my sites have been configured to require any contributor to have an account with the system. That is usually a good forum practice to prevent spam and other abuse.


All If You Would Like To Inquire About installing a User Forum On Your Site, Please Contact Me.