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Twitter is my third largest source of web site traffic and my Twitter accounts run and grow all by themselves, entirely on auto-pilot. Your Twitter accounts can do the same for you.

Can I Really Use Twitter To Go Out and Get Customers, FREE and Automatically?

Absolutely. There are plenty of great tools available for automating tweets, follows, and unfollows. The most important thing is that you have enticing content on your site that your Twitter followers would want to see.

When your Twitter followers click through, there must be a clear path to a conversion from the landing page that your follower lands on.

You will be able to track Twitter traffic in Google Analytics if you have appended Google Analytics tracking code to all destination URLs in each Tweet. The tracking code can be configured to show you exactly which Tweet enticed your Twitter follower to click through.  A URL shortener such as will then have to be used to make the URL fit in the 140-character Tweet. A URL shortener should always be used anytime a URL is inserted into a Tweet.

With Twitter tools available, it is possible to write all of your Tweets in advance, schedule when each Tweet will go out every day, and send out  the Tweets on a rotating basis so that the different Tweets go out all the time. This operation can be set to run indefinitely for each of your Twitter accounts.

You can also completely automate who gets followed and unfollowed on each Twitter account, and how often follows and unfollows occur every day.

One of the most important aspects of Twitter account automation is to absolutely ensure that ALL of your Twitter accounts stay well within Twitter's parameters. Twitter is quick to suspend accounts that violate their rules. The Twitter automation tools have  safeguard mechanisms that can be set to keep you safely within Twitter's limits.


Here's How I Can Set Up Your Twitter Account to Automatically Grow and Get You Customers

At the time of this writing I have about 24,000 followers altogether on 9 Twitter accounts. All of my Tweets, follows, and unfollows are completely automated and regulated to stay within Twitter's limits. My Twitter accounts currently grow at a rate of between 200 and 300 new followers total every day. All of my Tweets direct to landing pages on my site that have conversion paths. Twitter has become my third largest source of web site traffic. I can set a similar Twitter automation operation for you as follows:

1) Evaluate Whether Twitter Account Automation Is Right For Your Company and Establish an Overall Twitter Strategy.


2) Determine Who You Want To Communicate With and What Overall Message You Want To Put Out.


3) Determine What Content On Your Web Site Would Be Enticing To Your Chosen Target Twitter Market. Create More Good Content If More Is Needed.


4) Establish Clear and Conspicuous Conversion Paths Connected With Each Piece of Content That a Tweet Will Link To.


5) Set Up the Maximum Number of Twitter Accounts Allowed By Twitter. Set Up an Attractive Background and Profile for Each Twitter Account. Link To Your Site In Each Profile.


6) Create your Tweets. Create Enough Tweets So That Each Account Tweets No More Often Than Once Per Hour and 10 Times Per Day.


7) Tweets Can Be Automated To Go Out At The Same Time Every Day. This Mechanism Can Be Configured To Send Out a Different Tweets Every Day At the Same Time. This Will Require Many New Tweets To Be Created.


8) Each Tweet That Links To Your Site Should Have Google Analytics Tracking Code Appended to the End of the Destination URL and Should Be Shortened By a URL Shortener.


9) Configure the Automated Twitter Tools to Remain Within Twitter's Established Limits.


10) Set All Twitter Automation Tools in Motion and Monitor the Results.