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Customer testimonials are some of the most powerful selling tools ever. This system will allow your customers to log right into your site and type in their testimonials. They will be immediately uploaded to your site. This easy system will guarantee that you get LOTS of great customer testimonials on your site quickly !

Tell Me More About How I Can Customer Testimonials On My Site Quickly

This Automated Testimonial System allows your customers to log on to your web site and type in their testimonial. As soon as they save it, the testimonial is immediately uploaded to your site. Just like that. You don't have to do anything!

There are many ways to create a testimonial publishing system. The example testimonial system shown on this site ("Customer Testimonials For Captain Hans") uses this method for testimonial publishing and was created from combination of Drupal modules.

You can view this system in action by clicking the link "Customer Testimonials For Captain Hans" near the top of the Navigation bar on the left. You may also click here "Customer Testimonials" to reach it as well.

Your customer can easily create their own account on your system or your can assign them a user name and password. After the customer has created an account, a new menu item will appear called "Create Content." The customer would click there and then select "Testimonial." At this point, the customer would now type in and save the testimonial. The testimonial is uploaded and appears on the site as soon as the customer saves it.

If you like, the system can be configured to send the testimonial by email to you for your approval before it goes public on your site. You can also delete any testimonials at any time.

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