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Any business owner whose customers come from web searches knows the importance of first page ranking for important search terms. The competition for top billing for popular search terms in any field is becoming harder and harder.

Search engine optimization can be divided into 4 separate areas that all must be addressed, particularly if you are hoping to achieve first-page ranking for competitive search terms in your field. The 4 areas are as follows:


1) Keyword Research

The choice of keywords is crucial. All of your on-page optimization efforts will be dedicated to optimizing for a selected group of keywords and phrases.

Your keywords and phrases must be those that your prospects search on, have a high enough search volume to make them worthwhile, and they should not be so competitive that first-page ranking might be out of reach. First-page ranking is what you need.


Here's How I Can Help You With Keyword Research

I will develop a complete list of keywords for your company and products. I will then pare this list down to those terms that are most relevant to your business, have the volume, but are not too competitive. These are the terms that will get your business and have a realistic possibility of getting that crucial first-page ranking.


2) On-Page Element Optimization

Your on-page optimization efforts are what will give that crucial first-page ranking for the keywords that are of medium or less degree of competitiveness. Getting the on-page elements correct means understanding the algorithms of search engines, particularly Google.

Google uses over 200 algorithms to determine where your site will rank. These are ever-changing but the most important rules remain fairly constant. A good search engine optimizer knows all of the major rules, and most of the lesser ones.

Just as important, a good SEO specialist knows what techniques will get your site in trouble with the search engines, particularly Google.


Here's How I Can Help You With On-Page Element Optimization

I will make sure that every page on your site has been optimized for the chosen list of keywords. If you download the Definitive SEO Guide, available from this site, you can view the most important elements that must be optimized on every page.

Optimizing all on-page elements on each page on your site for the correct keywords and phrases should ensure that you will attain first-page ranking for all keywords and phrases of medium or less degree of competition.


3) Link-Building

Inbound links to your site have become the most important factor today in achieving high search engine ranking. While inbound links are the hardest search engine element to achieve success with, if you get enough inbound links from important sources, you can achieve first-page ranking for most competitive search terms.


Here's How I Can Build Links To Your Site

I can implement a wide-range of link-building techniques for your site. To see a list of link-building methods I will apply for your site, download the Definitive Guide to SEO from this site. The list of link-building techniques in this e-manual is probably the most complete anywhere.

If you need to rank for highly competitive search terms,  a successful link-building campaign must be undertaken. I can do this for you.


4) Long-term Content Addition

The most effect long-term strategy for attaining high search engine ranking is the continuous addition of good, optimized content. Other site owners and bloggers will link to your content, only if it is good and continuously updated.


Here's How I Can Help You With Long-Term Content Development For Your Site

There are a number of methods that you can use to continuously add optimized content to your site. I am a big advocate of continuously adding optimized content to improve rankings. I can show you many ways of doing this for your site.

I can also write your content so that your visitors will enjoy reading it and that content will be optimized, if you like.