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Pay-per-click marketing, most notably Google AdWords, makes it possible to spend only 5 bucks and get new customers in just 10 minutes. PPC is the fastest, cheapest, most targeted marketing available today.

AdWords = Laser-Targeted & Lightning Fast

Google AdWords is also the quickest way to cheaply test new marketing ideas. The speed of AdWords is one of its greatest advantages. Testing variations of any element of an AdWords campaign can bring results sometimes within an hour. This result is incredibly rapid improvement in the marketing message.


What Is AdWords?

AdWords at its most basic level consists of 3-line ads that appear on the side of Google search results. The advertiser has written the ads and then specified what search terms will bring up each ad. If the searcher finds the ad relevant to his or her search and then clicks on the ad, the searcher is directed to a landing page. The landing page is where the sale is made. Advertisers typically pay Google when their ads are clicked on.

There is quite a bit more to Google AdWords than just 3-line ads that appear to the side of Google search results. AdWords ads can also appear in Google's content network of hundreds of thousands of sites on the Internet. Ads can be 3- line text ads, images, videos, Flash ads, and YouTube videos.

AdWords results can be viewed instantly. Tracking mechanisms must be enabled to facilitate this.


How Can I Help You Profit From AdWords?

I've passed the Google AdWords Professional exam and operated a $30K per month AdWords account for more than 2 years. In that time, I more than doubled the account's sales conversion rate. Here's how I can help you make money with AdWords:


1) Complete AdWords Set-up on the Search Network and Content Network


2) Set-up of All Tracking Mechanisms, Including Google Analytics


3) Linking To a YouTube Account and Enabling YouTube/AdWords Promotions


4) Detailed Keyword Research


5) Creating of Text Ads and Effective Landing Pages


6) Creating of Image Ads, Flash Ads, Video Ads, and YouTube Ads


7) Continuous Testing of All Elements of the AdWords Campaign


8) Implementation of Many Other Advanced AdWords Tactics and Strategies


9) Advice On How To Improve an Ongoing AdWords Campaign