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Yes, It is possible to accurately predict whether a new prospect will make a purchase, if you have enough data on previous prospects.


How Can That Be ?

The technique is called Logistic Regression. It is an advanced statistical technique which creates an equation that accurately predicts the probability of your next prospect making a purchase from you.

Logistic Regression depends on the consistent collection of data on all previous prospects. All of this prospect data can be processed using Logistic Regression to create an equation that calculates the probability of a new prospect making a purchase, if the same pieces of data are collected from the new prospect.

Here is a link to an article in my blog which explains How Logistic Regression Works. The blog article has a video  that can be watched instead of reading the entire article.

If You Would Like Me To Create an Accurate Sales Prediction Equation For Your Business Using Logistic Regression, Please Contact Me.