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Continuous Landing Page Testing Is the Key To Doubling and Tripling Your Sales Conversion Rate. If You Know What To Test and How To Do It, You Can Make a Lot More Money Very Quickly.

What Are the Major Points of Landing Page Optimization?

A landing page is that page on your web site that a visitor lands on when he or she clicks an external link that takes them to your site. Upon arriving at the landing page, the visitor starts on a journey through your site that hopefully will end with a conversion. A conversion is the action that you want this visitor to take, such as purchasing a product, filling out a form, or downloading an eBook.

Your conversion rate represents the percentage of site visitors that perform the desired conversion action. Small changes in conversion rate can have a major impact on income. If 2% of site visitors purchase a product, then increasing the conversion rate by only 1% (from 2% to 3%) would mean a 50% increase in web site sales.

Continuous landing page testing is the quickest way to achieving dramatic increases in conversion rate. At its simplest, landing page optimization involves funneling incoming site visitors from the same source to two different landing pages, each varying in only one the element is being tested. This is called A/B split-testing. The winner of the test is kept and another similar test is set up. 

Testing multiple elements at once is called multivariate testing. This requires a significant amount of web site traffic and a background in statistics to interpret the results. My preference is A/B split-testing because many more tests can be run in the same amount of time because test results become statistically significant much quicker.

My two most successful landing pages have been:

Landing Page 1


Landing Page 2.


Google has a convenient tool called the Website Optimizer which makes multivariate testing fairly easy. I use my own split-tester that I designed with Excel for A/B split-testing because it is extremely simple to use, but gives the same result as the Google Website Optimizer.

Here is a link to download my Excel split-tester and a link to my blog article which explains what it does and how it works.


Here's How I Can Optimize Your Landing Pages So You Make More Money

Designing A/B split-tests and multivariate tests requires a strong statistical background.

I wrote the book on doing statistics in  Excel and also write a blog that focuses on how to do advanced marketing statistics in Excel. At my previous employer, I doubled the conversion rate of the Google AdWords account. Landing page optimization was a large part of that.

Here's what I can do to optimize your landing pages:

1) Perform a Thorough Analysis of the Current Landing Pages and Overall Sales Process For Each Internet Marketing Medium.


2) Use Analytics to Evaluate the Paths That the Prospects Take Through the Site When They Do and Do Not Convert.


3) Isolate the Specific Elements On Each Landing Page That Make the Largest Difference in Conversion Rates.


4) Create and Implement Tests That Optimize the Most Important Aspects of Each Landing Page.


5) Ensure that All Landing Pages Follow Landing Page Best Practices.


6) Provide Detailed Training In How To Construct Tests, How To Use the Google Website Optimizer and My Excel Split-Tester, and How To Interpret the Results.


7) Set Up Google Analytics Sales Funnels for Each Google AdWords Goal.


8) Design Completely New Landing Pages For Testing.


9) Ensure That There Is Strong Message Match and Visual Design Match Between Source of the Incoming Click and the Landing Page. Mismatches Between These Two Can Kill Conversion Rates.


10) Create Landing Pages That Ask an Initial Question Which Allows a Prospect to Self-Select a Much More Customized Path Toward Conversion.