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Internet marketers that operate without analytics on their site are flying completely blind. Google Analytics, by far the most prevalent web metrics system today, can be connected with all Internet marketing efforts. This will instantly provide you with the information you need to adjust your marketing and make more money.


What Is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is today's standard in web site analytics. It is the most widely-used web site metric system and, best of all, it's FREE. Google Analytics at its most basic level consists of javascript code added to each page of a web site. This code tracks and gathers information on all incoming site visitors and then relays this information to the Google Analytics control panel. The site owner can log into the Google Analytics control panel and view all this information in an organized and easy-to-follow fashion.


The information available to a site owner from Google Analytics is priceless. You will instantly know where your site visitors came from, what search terms they used, which of your Google AdWords ads brought the visitors, and what they did on your site. You'll quickly discover which of your Internet marketing efforts are working and which could be improved or shut down.


Google Analytics has a number of advanced features that can be connected with ALL of your Internet marketing efforts. Google Analytics can be configured, for example, to tell you which of your social media and YouTube videos are sending visitors that are making purchases. You can find out which of your viral marketing efforts are paying off.


You can use Google Analytics to segment your visitors and know much more about what is working with each segment. Google Analytics will show you how long it takes for each segment to convert to customers and how they do it.


Google Analytics can be used to optimize checkout systems, your SEO, your pay-per-click campaigns (especially Google AdWords), email marketing, social media marketing, and video marketing. It can be configured to track dynamic web pages, Flash events, banners, and more.


How Can I Help You Use Google Analytics To Improve Your Marketing?

I am an expert user of Google Analytics. Here is a link to some of the ways I use Google Analytics to achieve my marketing goals. Here's what I can do with Google Analytics to optimize your Internet marketing efforts:


1) Complete Installation of Google Analytics.


2) Thorough Instructions on How To Use and Understand Google Analytics.


3) Installation of Google Analytics Tracking Code On All Social Media, Blogs, Videos, and YouTube Commercial Overlays.


4) Installation of Google Analytics Tracking Code On All Marketing Collateral That Refers Back To the Web Site.


5) Installation of Google Analytics Tracking Code In All Email Campaigns.


6) Customization of Google Analytics Tracking Code For Ecommerce, Checkout, Dynamic URLs, Subdomains (Often Done With Blogs), and Events Such as Flash Buttons.


7) Determination of OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) Specific To Your Company's Internet Marketing Program.


8) Translation of OKRs Into KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) That Are Actionable, Accountable, and Can Be Tracked In Google Analytics.


9) Creation of a Dashboard in Google Analytics That Focuses on the KPIs.


10) Development of an Excel Spreadsheet That Can Be Used To Provide Regular Reporting of the KPIs.