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Most of your prospects don't buy the first time they contact your company. An effective email nurturing campaign will keep your company on top of their minds and make you the vendor of choice when they're ready to buy.

What Describes a Good Email Nurturing Campaign?

Companies without nurturing email campaigns in place lose a lot of sales. A well-developed nurturing campaign is completely automated and has the ability to segment prospects so that customized, engaging emails can be sent to each group. A good nurturing campaign sends out emails that your prospects find beneficial and build credibility for your company.

A good email nurturing campaign meets all CAN-SPAM regulations. and emails to a clean list of prospects who have opted in. A good email nurturing campaign has a focused objective and is continuously tested to improve every aspect and metric.

Emails from a good nurturing campaign are informative and engaging. They do not convey any impression of SPAM and they are designed to make it all the way to inboxes and then get opened and acted upon. These emails are consistent with your brand image and contain strong, measurable calls to action.

Lists for good email nurturing campaigns are created in-house by soliciting customer opt-ins at every possible point of customer contact. Good email nurturing campaigns obtain their content from a wide variety of sources. Good email nurturing campaigns are consistent with all email best practices of formatting and deliverability.

Here's How Can I Help You Profit From Email Marketing

I currently use the well-known (and very inexpensive) aWebber email system on my own commercial site. At my previous employer I was extensively training in the upper-end email / CRM Infusionsoft system. Here is a link to some of the books on email marketing that I've read and reviewed at the bottom of the page.

I know email marketing and here's how I help you make a profit from it:

1) Specifically Define Your Goals For the Nurturing Campaign.


2) Set Up Collection Points For Prospect Opt-in


3) Ensure That the Campaign Complies With All Aspects of the CAN-SPAM Regulations.


4) Clean Any Current Customer or Prospect Lists and Install Systems That Will Regularly Scrub the List.


5) Collect and Create Engaging Content That Recipients Will Look Forward to Receiving.


6) Advise on Selection of Email Vendor.


7) Set Up Tracking Mechanism to Ensure Continuous Testing of All Aspects and Metrics of the Email Campaign.


8) Format Emails To Achieve High Deliverability, Open Rate, and Engagement.


9) Combine Rich Media and Other Marketing With the Email Campaign.


10) Establish Mechanisms That Will Automatically Segment the Email List and Send Out Customized Content To Each Segment.