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On-Demand Webinars are very versatile, low cost, highly effective marketing pieces that Every company can profitably use.


How Can My Company Use On-Demand Webinars? Tell Me More.

On-Demand Webinars are 24/7 marketing pieces that attract viewers long after they are created and uploaded. Every company can and should make an On-Demand Webinar series about their products and services.

On-Demand Webinars are very simple and inexpensive to make. They are little more than Powerpoint presentations synchronized with audio. If Powerpoint is used, then the webinar can be linked to a landing page to possibly close a sale.

Viewers of On-Demand Webinars often enjoy them more than live webinars because On-Demand Webinars can be watched at the viewer's leasure. They can be paused or repeated if the viewer wishes to examine some part of the webinar in more detail.

Here is a link to a brief series of On-Demand Webinars I have created to explain statistical concepts and drive viewers to my blog on doing advanced marketing statistics in Excel. I've used webinars in the past to drive viewers directly to sales pages to close sales.


If you are thinking of creating a series of On-Demand Webinars, here are some tips about making great webinars:

1) Highlight the problem that your webinar solves.

2) Paint the promise (solution) by using a visual analogy, not facts and figures. Your solution needs to answer the question "What does it mean to me?"

3) Plan a path between the problem and solution. People probably won't remember much from your webinar. Make sure you highlight 3 or 4 main take-aways.

4) Design your webinar for attention. Have only 1 concept per slide. Change things up often. Don't base the number of slides on time.

5) Design your webinar for memory. Put the take-away in the title. Don't have wordy slides. Use pictures as much as possible.

6) Design your webinar for action. Get the audience to do something. Activity is the key to learning. Don't just lecture. Your participants are initially passive. You need to make them active participants.

7) Continuously focus on the "why" viewers would gain from the points of the webinar.

8) Install Google Analytics tracking code to the URLs of the links in your webinar so that you can measure user interactivity.

9) Webinars have long shelf life. Continuously market your On-Demand Webinar series through all of your marketing channels. Regular pulsing of the message through all of your social media channels is a great way to continuously draw new viewers for a long time.

10) Analyze the interactivity and sales data from the webinars. Google Analytics can catch all of this data in detail. Do more of what worked and less of what didn't.

If You Are Considering Creating an On-Demand Webinar Series and Would Like Advice or Assistance, Feel Free To Contact Me.