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Content Management Systems (CMS) enable your web site to do some amazing things. The most important benefit of CMS is the interactivity that is enabled between the site owner and site visitors.  Web site visitors come back to sites that they can interact with.


What Are Content Management Systems and How Can They Help Me?

Content Management Systems are tools that enable anyone to build a complicated, interactive web site quickly, easily, and without knowledge of code. The most popular Content Management Systems are open source, meaning that they are public property and free to download. Thousands of developers have donated their own time to develop these and continuously work to improve them.

What makes Content Management Systems special is the vast collection of modules that can be easily added to a site developed with CMS. Each module adds some unique functionality to the site and can usually be installed in a site quickly. The 2 most popular Content Management Systems are Drupal and Joomla. Each of these has thousands of different  modules freely available.


Here is a Link to the Most Popular Drupal Modules to give you an idea of what is available.


Here is a Link to the Largest Collection of Joomla Modules as well.


Here is a Link to Examples of Drupal and Joomla Modules on a couple of my sites in action.


Drupal and Joomla modules (the Joomla community calls them "extensions") are very easy to install and enable. This entire site was created with Drupal and took about 2 days from start to finish to build.


Drupal and Joomla can be entirely installed into a directory and not disturb the rest of the site. This Drupal installation is entirely contained in the /drupal/ directory. I could also install Joomla on this site into another directory. The rest of the site is not affected by installations of Drupal and Joomla into their own directories.


How Can Content Management Systems Improve My Marketing?

Content Management Systems are not difficult to install. Try to imagine what functionality and interactivity you would like to add to your site. There is almost certainly a Drupal or Joomla module that can be plugged into your site and give you what you want.

1) All You Have To Do Is Determine What Additional Functionality and/or Interactivity You Would Like To Add To Your Site. I'll Figure Out How To Do It Quickly and Easily With Drupal or Joomla.


2) I Can Do an Analysis of Your Site, Your Customers, and Your Marketing In Order To Suggest Additional Functionality and/or Interactivity Would Help You Sell More With Your Site.