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Contact forms allow your prospects and customers to reach you while they're still on your site and in the mood to talk to you. Removing the extra step of making them have to open an email program will ensure that you will receive more inquiries from potential customers.


Tell Me More About Contact Forms

Contact forms are fairly simple to implement. CAPTCHA functionality can be added to any contact form, but I don't recommend this because you will lose some valuable inquiries as a result.


The contact form on this web site is created from the Drupal Webforms module. You can reach by clicking the link in the left Navigation menu entitled "Your Questions for Mark The Internet Marketer" or click the link here.


Here is a link to contact form created with Joomla: "Contact Mark.


Another simple way to create a contact form is to use the PHP mailer function.


All If You Would Like a Contact Form With Questions Installed On Your Site, Contact Me With My Contact Form On This Page.