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Blog Setup and Advice

Good Blogs Build Site Traffic Fast

A blog is an excellent way to position yourself as an expert and build lots of traffic to your site. If you are passionate about a topic in your field and have a lot to say, a blog may be perfect for you and your business.


I've Thought About Starting a Blog. Tell Me More.

A successful blog can get you noticed in your field. Your stature will increase as your blog become more well-known and widely-read among your peers and customers. You will also get to know many new people who come in contact with your blog and then contact you.

Maybe best of all is that a well-read blog draws lots of highly-involved traffic to your site. If what you sell is related to your blog topic, you will invariably sell more as a result of your blog. Maybe a lot more !

In my own case, the above has all been true. I create and sell eManuals that explain how to do advanced marketing statistics in Excel. I also have a blog on the same topic. I've installed Google Analytics tracking code on my blog which tells me when the readers of my blog visit my commercial site and purchase my eManuals.

Each new blog article generally provides a slight but permanent boost to site traffic. Traffic to my commercial site has tripled over the last 3 months mainly as a result of all of the blog entries I've made. The blog is in a subdomain of my commercial site. My eManual sales have increased lock-step with my site traffic and particularly traffic to my blog. My blog is earning its keep !

I sell other items from my blog, but only products that I have experience with and can truly recommend. I could go the AdSense route but I only want to sell products that I know and feel good about.

 I originally set my blog up with Blogger. That has worked out well. Here is a Link To My Blog. This blog is located a subdomain of my main commercial site.

I've heard that many of the top bloggers use WordPress to host their blog. A blog can also be set up very easily in Drupal and in Joomla. Below are mock-ups to show how my blog might appear in both of these:

Here is a link to a Drupal Mock-up of my blog.

Here is a link to a Joomla Mock-up of my blog.

I've configured both of these to allow comments from registered users. I also like to embed videos in my blog articles. This makes the articles more interesting and interactive. It also requires a bit more work. You can view examples of this in the mock-ups above.

Blogs in both Drupal and Joomla are both relatively simple to set up, are an integral part of your site (not a subdomain), and can be much more easily
integrated to other parts of your site such as your storefront than a Blogger blog.

There are many tricks to optimizing a blog to rank on search engines and bring you more traffic. If you contact me, I will go over them with you.

If You Are Considering Starting a Blog and Would Like Advice or Assistance, Feel Free To Contact Me.

I Am Also Available To Produce Content For Your Blog.